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Concreting pavements in winter

Covers the practicalities of concreting road pavements in ambient temperatures around and below the freezing point of water. It gives information on planning, concrete temperatures at mixing and placing, pre-concreting preparations, protection after laying and admixtures.

Immediate trafficking of cement bound materials

Reviews the results of a joint Highways Agency/Britpave project to examine the immediate trafficking of a range of cement bound materials. The report identifies those mixtures that can be trafficked early and those that require a curing period.

Concrete Hardstanding - Design Handbook (2nd Edition)

Prepared for all those concerned with hardstandings trafficked by heavy goods vehicles and forklift trucks, it explains the simple steps that can be taken to ensure their long-term performance. The design methodology incorporates the latest foundation classes developed by the HA. Covers design, site appraisal, sub-grade, sub-base, concrete mix and construction, thickness design, joints, surface characteristics and integrated design.

Truck Lanes - The Permanent Solution

The publication provides information on the truck lane solution and its benefits to the environment, reduced maintenance, buildability and application.

Britpave Guide to Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements

Roller Compacted Concrete. This guide describes the benefits, properties and application of RCC, provides recommendations on mix design and materials selection, and discusses applicable design methods, construction methodology and techniques.

Hydraulically Bound Mixtures for Pavements in Winter

Addresses the practicalities of mix-in plant production and laying hydraulically bound mixtures (HBM) in ambient temperatures around and below the freezing point of water. Provides guidance and recommendations for the successful laying of HBM in low winter temperatures.

Smart Motorway Construction with Concrete

The benefits of concrete motorway pavements have been known for some time and many stretches of concrete motorway have been maintenance free for decades, frequently exceeding their design lives. These technical guidelines explain the benefits of using concrete as part of an integrated design approach, with particular emphasis on the pavement layers, where new design guidance creates the opportunity for maximising whole-life value and minimising ongoing maintenance requirements.