Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

Industry welcomes call for infrastructure investment

The calls for long-term planning for roads and for funding certainty by Transport Minister John Hayes have been welcomed by Britpave, the infrastructure group.

Addressing the ACE Parliamentary Reception at the House of Lords, Hayes revealed that with the determination of the new five year investment plans for the Highways Agency next month’s Autumn Statement by the Chancellor could provide a boost in road investment beyond the £15 billion already assigned. He stated that: “Road investment has struggled from short term thinking, rapid changing in policy and funding that has largely been piecemeal. It is essential that we start to think long term about our road investment plan and match funds to that plan.” Hayes went on to say that the forthcoming Infrastructure Bill will signal “a sea change in the way we see infrastructure and the way the government is involved in infrastructure.”

Welcoming the government’s commitment to infrastructure investment, James Charlesworth, Britpave Chairman said: “After decades of under investment the government is providing clarity and commitment. There seems to be real recognition of the economic impetus that infrastructure investment provides. However, words must be backed-up with action and we await to see if the Autumn Statement will translate wishes into reality.”