Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

Northern Infrastructure Plans Welcomed

Britpave, the infrastructure group, has welcomed a report calling for £15 billion worth of transport infrastructure improvements between the 5 key cities in the North of England.

The report, ‘One North: A Proposition for an Interconnected North’ has been produced by an alliance of the Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield city councils. The report is also supported by other key cities including Hull, Bradford, Wakefield and York. It also has the support of the Chancellor, George Osborne, who at the launch of the report reiterated his support for the development of a Northern Powerhouse.

The report outlines a £15 billion, 15-year investment plan that compliments the HS2 proposals and could see road capacity in the North increase by 150% and rail journey times between the cities increase by 55%.

Infrastructure improvements include a dedicated 125mph trans-Pennine link, a faster link to Newcastle, better access to Manchester Airport and improved links between cities, ports and distribution centres. The report also calls for extending Phase One of HS2 to Crewe and bringing forward the delivery of HS2 between Leeds and Sheffield.
The aim is integrate the North so that it becomes an efficient regional hub such as the Rhein-Rhur region in Germany or Randstad in the Netherlands. It is estimated that the £15 billion infrastructure investment could translate into an additional £44 billion for the national economy by 2030.

“Given the economic benefits of the improved transport infrastructure, the proposed £15 billion investment would be money well spent,” said James Charlesworth, Britpave Chairman. “It would provide much needed improved east-west links to boost not only the regional economy in the North but also the national economy.”