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Flood prevention earth embankment - Somerset

Place: Congresbury Yeo, Somerset

Job: Earthworks and Stabilisation Scheme - Flood prevention earth embankment

Client: Raymond Brown Construction Ltd.

Duration: 4 weeks commencing August 2009.

Value: £100,000

To prevent flooding of surrounding farmland due to a failing bund, McArdle won a contract to build a new bund behind the existing. A new 250 metre long bund that tied into existing bunds was constructed using material from a borrow pit on the flood side of the new bund.

3000m3 of topsoil was stripped and stockpiled for later reuse, followed by excavation of the borrow pit and modification of the soils with lime to build the bund. The new bund was benched into the existing and then top-soiled with the site won topsoil. The borrow pit was also top-soiled with the remaining material.

Over 7000m3 of site won modified clay was placed into the bund.

To complete the works, McArdle excavated a ditch and a small pond on the landward side of the bund

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