Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

Infrastructure Sector Welcomes Permanent NIC

Britpave, the infrastructure industry trade association, has welcomed the government’s announcement that the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) will become an executive agency with its own budget.

Its means that the NIC will be a permanent organisation that will assist with the planning, prioritisation and investment of major infrastructure projects. The body was originally set-up in October 2015 by former chancellor George Osborne as a non-ministerial independent department responsible for providing advice to the government but its future was uncertain following this summer’s cabinet reshuffle.

Announcing the permanent statutory establishment of the NIC, the new chancellor Philip Hammond said: “We are putting the National Infrastructure Commission at the very heart of our plans to ensure Britain’s infrastructure is fit for the future. It will independently define our long-term infrastructure needs.”

Welcoming the news that the NIC will become an executive agency from January 2017, Joe Quirke, Britpave chairman, said: “For too long infrastructure planning and funding have influenced by short-term political considerations rather being part of an overall, recognised long-term strategy. NIC will report on the country’s national infrastructure needs and set-out what the government needs to do to deliver. This is a welcomed step forward.”