Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

Brexit Underlines Need For Better Transport Infrastructure

The only certainty behind the uncertainty resulting from the Brexit referendum result is the need for the government to deliver on its transport infrastructure promises, believes Britpave the transport infrastructure group.

“Following the Brexit referendum, Britain needs to prove that it is open for business and the main way that it can do is for the government to put into action its infrastructure promises”, said Joe Quirke, Britpave chairman. “This includes HS2, expansion of south east air capacity and investment in the road and rail networks. A modern transport infrastructure is indicative of a modern economy and if Britain wants to look beyond the EU then it must give global businesses every reason to invest and that includes the ability to move people and goods quickly and efficiently”.

Quirke has welcomed the transport secretary’s, Patrick McLoughlin, commitment to infrastructure projects. Speaking at the recent post-Brexit National Infrastructure Forum, McLoughlin stated that “investment in long term infrastructure is needed. It is more important than ever before”. Unfortunately his statement was somewhat undermined when just two days later he announced that the decision on the location of a new runway in south east England will now be delayed until at least October.

Quirke said: “The government has made some impressive infrastructure announcements, if Brexit Britain is to be attractive to overseas investment then it is essential that these announcements are quickly translated into action”.