Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

Soil stabilisation industry welcomes government's new fund for urban regeneration

Britpave, the infrastructure industry association, has welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, of a £1.2 billion starter home fund to prepare brownfield sites for new homes. The new fund will help to kick-start regeneration and secure planning permission for renovating disused or under-occupied urban sites.

Up to 30,000 affordable homes are proposed to be built over the next five years at Connaught Barracks in Dover, Northstowe in Cambridgeshire, Lower Graylingwell in Chichester, Daedelus on Waterfront ion Gosport and Old Oak Common in north west London.

Al McDermid, Chair of the Britpave Soil Stabilisation Task Group said: “The Prime Minister’s announcement to pump £1.2 billion into the regeneration of brownfield sites is a positive move to provide much needed affordable housing without impinging on the green belt.”

Brownfield land is often more difficult to use than green field sites particularly if the site has been contaminated by previous industrial use. The traditional approach to this has been to simply dig up the problem soil and dump it elsewhere. This is not the most sustainable or cost effective approach as hazardous landfill site are few and far between and the haulage costs can be significant.

“A far better approach is to deal with the problem there-and-then”, explained McDermid. “Insitu remediation and improvement of poor quality brownfield land using cementitious materials to solidify and stabilise the soil removes the cost of lorry movements, landfill taxes and importation of virgin aggregate. It also has a significantly reduced environmental impact.”

He continued: “When done correctly, with good ground investigation and laboratory work, soil stabilisation/solidification is a most effective way to bring brownfield land back into productive use. The UK, with its limited land availability, is at the forefront of brownfield redevelopment and our members look forward to offering that expertise help provide the new homes that the UK so badly needs.”