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What is Slab Track?

The Five Main Types of Slab track (or Ballastless Track) Systems slab track (or ballastless track) systems can be grouped into five families of design.

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  1. Embedded Rail - The rail is encased in a resilient elastomer cast into a concrete track slab or steel bridge deck.
  2. Resilient baseplate - The rail is attached to a concrete slab or plinth by means of a baseplate assembly containing resilient pads.
  3. Booted sleeper - e.g. Stedef - The rail is mounted on a twin-block concrete sleeper which is encased in resilient boots, recessed into a concrete slab.
  4. Cast-in sleeper - e.g. Rheda - The rail is mounted on a sleeper by means of resilient baseplate (Vossloh System 300). The sleeper is cast into a concrete track slab.
  5. Floating slab - e.g. Japanese “Shinkansen” system - The rail is mounted on a concrete track slab. A resilient layer or spring system supports the slab.