Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

Why Join Britpave?

Benefits of Britpave Membership

Britpave membership comprises a wide spectrum of contractors, specialist equipment and material suppliers, consulting engineers and designers, clients and academics.

In addition to the benefits of pan-industry exchange of ideas and contacts, expertise and experience, Britpave membership offers:

  • A strong, coherent voice championing concrete and cementitious infrastructure solutions
  • Representation of industry views to government and key stakeholders
  • Representation on key industry committees
  • Development of market opportunities within infrastructure sector
  • Promotion of member products and services
  • Participation in industry research and development
  • Industry events
  • Study tours
  • Information dissemination from UK, European and international associated organisations
  • Networking opportunities with industry colleagues, clients and suppliers

    Who should join Britpave?

    • Contractors engaged in civil engineering and in-situ concrete construction
    • Soil stabilisation contractors
    • Consulting engineers and designers
    • Suppliers of plant and equipment for concrete production and paving
    • Suppliers of constituent raw materials for the production of concrete
    • Concrete producers
    • Academic institutions
    • Government, local authorities and agencies with interests relevant to the objectives of Britpave members
    • Trade associations of equipment and material suppliers and users of products produced by Britpave members
    • Commercial organisations that specify or use the products produced by Britpave members