Britpave: The British In-Situ Concrete Paving Association

Functional Requirements of Airfield Pavements

The primary requirements of the surface of an airfield pavement are to provide:

  • Good rideability
  • Good friction characteristics
  • High strengths and stability to withstand the shear stresses induced by heavy wheel loads and high tyre pressures
  • A durable, hard-wearing weatherproof surface free from loose material and sharp edges that might endanger aircraft
  • Resistance to fuel spillage and jet blast
  • Facilitation of economic maintenance

The relative importance of the above requirements depends on the use of the pavement.

Over the years concrete has achieved all of the above functional requirements for a wide range of airfield applications at major international airports, smaller regional airports, military airfields and general aviation aerodromes.

For further details please see Airfields Guidance Notes 4, which deals with rideability, friction characteristics and durability.