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Guided busways as Light Rapid Transit Benefits of guided busways Used around the world Very low maintenance requirements

Guided busways as Light Rapid Transit

Guided busways have been developed both as a bus priority measure and also as an affordable alternative to light rapid transit (LRT) systems such as trams and light rail.

Benefits of guided busways

Kerb guided busways provide a public transport system

Used around the world

Guided busways in operation around the world

Very low maintenance requirements

Slab track systems require little routine maintenance.

21st Century concrete slabtrack options bring:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Higher running speeds
  • Less worker exposure to risk
  • Increased space in tunnels
  • Safer, more reliable journeys
  • Less dead weight over viaducts and bridges
  • Systems use both precast and in-situ elements
  • Better sustainability compared to track ballasted system

Light rail and guided bus routes provide:

  • Faster routes into city centres
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Less emissions
  • Encouragement for greater use of public transport

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